Countdown until 9th September….

The new adaptation of Jane Eyre is going to be released on the 9th September.. and I can’t wait!! An exclusive trailer was highlighted in the Guardian today and it has got me super excited again!!

Fassbender will be a great Rochester, I have no doubt (although seeing him as Magneto in X Men next week should be an interesting contrast!) I have high hopes for this version of Charlotte Bronte’s *amazing* novel. Mia Wasikawska looks to have the right measure of feisty spirit, plainness and vulnerability that a perfect Jane Eyre should have. A re-read before September is definitely in order though so I can really appreciate whether the film captures the subtleties of the text.

On the flip side though (in spite of my enthusiasm for the film!), I do wonder why it is that none of the Charlotte Bronte’s novel have merited any screen time? An adaptation of Villette or Shirley (particularly a lavish BBC version with weekly installments to get us through the winter!) would be so welcome! What is it about these other texts, (other than that they are lesser known to the wider public), that merit this neglect. The BBC adaptation of Anne Bronte’s Tenant of Wildfell Hall is proof that lesser known novels can be brought successfully to the small screen. In short then- more Bronte please!! 😀


The Many Faces of Mr Rochester

Soo……. as a huge Bronte fan, I am inordinately pleased we have another adaptation of Jane Eyre to look forward to this year! Michael Fassbender is a divine for choice for Rochester (though perhaps a little too young and handsome?!) but I thought I would pay homage to all the actors who have played the role before (and those who I *wish* had gotten the chance to play the role…

Toby Stephens is perhaps my favourite Rochester so far.. I thought the chemistry between him and Ruth Wilson was great, and he really had the brooding, surly-type acting down to perfection. Again, he was perhaps a little too handsome (or maybe I am biased?). Before Toby, we had Ciaran Hinds, who whilst is a good actor, was not for me the Rochester as I imagined.. maybe this was because this 1997 adaptation seemed so short and the characterisation wasn’t really strong? I don’t know. I just didn’t engage with the story as much (which is weird since I love the novel so wholeheartedly!)

 William Hurt in 1996 film version was a good choice; he definitely pulled off the role and casting him alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg was interesting! I have however only seen this version once before and don’t own it, so perhaps it should go on my ‘to-buy’ list..! I do have the 1983, BBC version which casts Timothy Dalton and this is another really good adaptation.. Dalton plays the part exactly as Bronte wrote it, and this series stays really close to the original novel.

And of course Orson Welles, who really set the standards high in 1943, pulling off a wonderful performance as Rochester alongside Joan Fontaine. I think this black and white version really captures the atmospheric, tense feel of the novel.

There are tons of other adaptations out there that I haven’t yet seen (though I would like to – you can never have too much Bronte!) Recommendations are greatly received. The 1973 BBC Adaptation with Michael Jayston could be interesting?

My personal choices (perhaps slightly inappropriate for Rochester) would have been Richard Armitage, Laurence Olivier, Jason Isaacs and Ralph Fiennes, among many others… Any other dream Rochesters?