Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day…

I stumbled upon this novel recently and took it up upon reccomendation by a friend. I had never heard of Winifred Watson before, or this particular novel… Yes, even in spite of the recent Hollywood adaptation of the book(!) I have to say how much I loved it and how much in general I love that feeling of finding something ‘new’, which totally takes you by surprise..

The novel was written in 1935 and focuses on Miss Pettigrew, a down and out governess with pretty much nothing live for. Focusing on one day of her life (kind of like a 1930’s ‘24’), the book follows Miss Pettigrew through a heart-warming  journey of self-discovery (yes I know that sounds trite.. but I really can’t think of anyway to better describe it!) and is a really up-lifting account of how, just when you things can’t possibly get worse, they actually get far better than you ever expected. What is so lovely about the novel aside from this positive message, is the comedy and the pathos of Miss Pettigrew and how she grows as a character, from this strait-laced governess to a woman full of passion and humour and I really can’t recommend it enough!

I am now looking forward to watching the 2008 adaptation which stars Frances McDormand as Miss Pettigrew alongside a great cast including Ciaran Hinds, Amy Adams and Lee Pace. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint, although the novel was so filmic I don’t see how it couldn’t translate into a bad movie. Fingers crossed!

The moral of the post, (aside from the overblown gushing about Watson’s novel!), is really just a shout out for any other great reccommendations for lesser known novels that have really struck you as being overlooked gems?!


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  1. lyn marie cunliffe
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 20:15:44

    I really loved the movie


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