Rufus Sewell- Period King

Having immensely enjoyed Rufus Sewell’s performance in the slick BBC detective drama Zen which finished this week, I couldn’t resist digging out my copy of Charles II: The Power and the Passion for a four hour marathon of Sewellness. I adore(!) this series, it’s beautifully casted, with lush period costumes, a great script and fantasic acting (oh, and not to mention four hours of almost constant Rufus on the screen!)

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen this series, it basically follows the life of Charles II from his time in exile, to his position as King of a nation riddled with religious division and all the politics surrounding this period. There is also a heavy dose of romance and sexual intrigue which keeps it from becoming too bogged down in politics. I confess I am not any kind of expert in 17th century history (!) so I cannot vouch for it’s complete adherence to ‘truth’, but I can say it is a simply amazing drama.  Rufus plays Charles as a wonderfully flawed, but sympathetic King, who throughout, maintains his principles whilst being torn politically in many directions. The casting for the other characters is also brilliant, with Shirley Henderson playing Queen Catherine and Helen McRory as Charles’ infamous mistress Barbara Villiers, a part she plays to perfection.

I fear that this may have started a chain reaction of re-watching all my period Rufus dramas: The Illusionist, The Woodlanders, Triston & Isolde, etc, etc (there are simply so many!) I’m also considering buying Amazing Grace and John Adams (which although I believe? Rufus has only limited screen time, I think may just be great period dramas just to add to my collection?! Anyone agree?)

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that now Zen has finished, there will be more Rufus on our screens sometime soon! Maybe a second series..?! Yes please! 😀


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julia Simpson-Urrutia
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 03:10:03

    hey, thanks for writing about this. I adore period movies and didn’t even know this one existed.


  2. Fhernanda
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 05:22:46

    Hi! I´ve seen “Zen” (Chap 1 & 2), and searching for images of Rufus I found your blog. I´m a member of the Augusta Victorian Society, so I love period movies and books. Sorry, my english it´s not too good.


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